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The Circles Volunteer Program (CVP) is a youth education and vocational training program designed to address
and impact community development through youth participation and ingenuity. Through CVP, Bachelors,
Masters and PhD graduates learn practical productivity skills in their domains of interest as it aligns with RADA’s
domains of focus, bridge the gap of unemployment, and stimulate creative innovation and productivity of youth
impact in local communities.

This fundraiser is intended to support the vocational and education needs of the CVP program. We promote
sustainable alternatives to community development by encouraging the recycling of used laptop computers or
iPads that can assist in the learning objectives of youth in CVP.


Our goal is to train at least 30 youths annually through this program in each track. This requires at least 65 good computers that can handle the work of each volunteer. Financial donations are also welcomed to assist in providing monthly internet connection and services for learning and practical purposes. All laptop computers and iPad drives will be cleaned in Idaho prior to shipment to Cameroon.

Your support is significant to addressing and sustaining the objectives of CVP. All laptop computers and financial
donations will directly support youth volunteers in tackling community development and bringing positive change to Cameroon. Thank you for your donation!

If you are wanting to donate any computers or other devices contact us!

Thanks for submitting!

Abstract Background


We have partnered with the Reconciliation and Development Association(RADA) and The Cost of Freedom (TCOF) Campaign for a Used Laptop Computer Fundraiser!

Any donations are valuable to us and will assist in a sustainable effort to raise financial resources with recycled used computers and other household electronic devices for education and vocational training purposes in Cameroon. 

Donation items Include...

-Laptops, Ipads, Netbook Computers




-USB Keys/Devices

We recommend you wipe your hard drive before donating your computer. Easy, step-by-step instructions can be found here.

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