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Exciting news!

Join us on August 12th for an elegant and stylish tea party fundraiser! Food, drinks, and entertainment will be available for you! All ladies are welcome to attend in fun and fancy attire! Our mission is to fully engage vulnerable populations in our society through promoting and encouraging community culture. We empower youth and community members to become passionate, focused and successful activators of the community to create positive change through cultural, social and financial education. The purpose of this fundraiser is to involve youth and adult community members in events that give back to the community including mentorship programs, community advocacy, youth educational programs, financial independence programs, artistic programs and more!


We invite you to sponsor our upcoming Ladies High Tea event, where all proceeds directly contribute to programs benefiting the Twin Falls community. This is an incredible opportunity to align your brand with our mission of fully engaging vulnerable populations and promoting community culture.

Join us in making a real difference in Twin Falls. By sponsoring the Ladies High Tea, you'll contribute to the betterment of our community while enhancing your brand's visibility and reputation.

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